Trifecta Youth Companies / Trifecta Artists-in-Training

Dancers in Trifecta Youth and Artists-in-Training Companies learn the skills necessary to become a professional concert dancer or to prepare for a collegiate-level dance program. Artistry is the focus of Trifecta Youth & Trifecta Artists-in-Training, and contemporary choreography is taught at an accelerated rate. Dancers in these companies will have the opportunity to perform alongside local, professional dance companies.

A small, select group of dancers in Trifecta Artists-in-Training will be asked to be members of the Trifecta Youth Company under the umbrella of the Trifecta Dance Collective, which is the resident professional dance company of the Dance and Music Academy. The Trifecta Youth Company will represent the Trifecta Dance Collective in the youth division in several professional settings throughout the season.

These dancers may also be offered the opportunity to dance in New York City. Trifecta Artists-in-Training will perform in Dance Chicago Dance Slam.